The allure of the classic Porsche and how to drive away in one April 3, 2017

It seems a bit curious that the famous Formula One Grand Prix motor circuit does not have a specialized team Porsche on any one of its world famous circuits, from San Marino to Nuremberg to Detroit even. Dusty and dangerous rally circuits across the world have tried and tested the formidable Porsche but failed. The Porsche 356, among other two seater models, is not an easy car to drive. Fans of the Fast and the Furious franchise may recall the headlines of the tragic death of its superstar.

Porsche lovers across America and, indeed, across the world, are not intimidated. One famous day in history for many young ladies then turned out to be a tragic day. It was the day the silver screen’s great movie icon; James Dean drove like the wind and ended his life tragically along the roadside. Porsche lovers across the world are not, however, prone to such accidents. They know how to handle the unique intricacies of the tempestuous but magnificent Porsche.

Not even the now-regularly seen Porsche Carrera SUVs is easy to master. But Porsche lovers who take to the roads daily in their pride and joy have taken the time and trouble to master their dream possessions. Any self-respecting and responsible road user should be doing that at all times. Whether it is a Porsche or a Dodge, extra and specialized driving lessons should be a regular part of the lives of drivers and classic car lovers.

There is one classic that all knowledgeable Porsche lovers, including the dealers, know and love well. From its halcyon days to the present day, Team Porsche is still churning out its regular winners at the annual twenty four hour Le Mans.

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