Driving lessons in Mexico April 3, 2017

Those Anglo-Saxon Americans and Canadians who need to make such a trip on wheels across the border need not fear these proposed lessons. They are not about to be walled in with language communications difficulties. No Mexican driving instructor or traffic cop, if they are on the beat, are about to give these drivers lessons on how to negotiate most of Mexico’s busy traffic lanes. But receiving lessons on driving in mexico comes well recommended and is a pretty good idea, particularly for those who are crossing the American-Mexican border for the first time.

The difference in language has already been alluded to. English speaking North American drivers will need to familiarize themselves with as many typical Mexican road traffic signs as possible. This is because these signs will be inscribed in Spanish, the national and official language of choice for both indigenous and migrant Mexican settlers. Asking for directions could also be challenging because most Mexicans will not understand a word of English.

And the many Mexicans who do understand a few words of English will be offering visiting drivers rather rudimentary directions that need to be carefully listened to or watched. Then there is the age-old challenge of the metric system. While most of the world’s drivers, including the Mexicans will be measuring their speeds in kilometers, American drivers are still working it out in miles. Also, there are the peculiar differences in negotiating lanes.

Americans, by now, are quite used to driving on the right hand side of the road. Crossing the border into Mexico, they now need to acclimatize themselves to driving universally, like most others, on the left hand side of the road. Initially, all this may be challenging, but with dedicated practice, these road paradigms can be mastered.

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